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The EZ-View Flow Meter is a variable area instrument. A precision molded, sharp-edged Orifice, located within the Piston Assembly, forms an annular opening with the Metering Cone. Flow through the meter creates a pressure differential across the sharp-edged orifice, moving the piston against the Spring. The piston moves precisely, in direct proportion to the rate of flow. The calibrated spring opposes flow in the forward direction. This spring decreases viscosity sensitivity and allows the flow meters to be used in any position, including inverted. The indicated flow rate is measured by viewing the red Flow Indicator 5 line on the piston relative to the precalibrated numerical scaleEZ-View Flow Meters, mounted on the outer surface of the transparent flow meter body.

NOTE: The piston assembly carries a cylindrical magnet on all EZ-View Flow-AlertTM models. This magnet is necessary to activate the AC, DC or Reed switch modules when flow conditions are too high or too low.

Operates in any position: The Hedland in-line flow meter's unique spring loaded variable area design allows meters to be installed in any position without effecting accuracy. It can be installed into horizontal or vertical lines, or with an optional inverted flow scale, this meter can monitor flow in a downward flowing (i.e. gravity feed) line.

Easy-to-read scale: This flow meter is the most readable product in its class. A brightly colored Flow Scale contains bold, easy-to-read numerals and gauge marks. This enhanced resolution virtually eliminates parallax problems associated with competitive, direct reading flow meters.

Accuracy within ±5% full scale: The EZ-View Flow Meter accuracy is within ±5% of full scale while monitoring liquids with viscosity and specific
gravity similar to factory calibrated fluids.

Repeatability within ±1%: This is particularly important in cyclical applications, which require consistent readings.

Operating Temperature: Maximum operating temperature is 250 °F (121 °C).

Operating Pressure: Maximum operating pressure is 325 psi/22.4 bar.

Rugged Construction: Flow meters are available in brass, stainless, and PVC fittings, with NPT or BSP ports. Constructed of high-impact polysulfone plastic, this simple variable area flow meter contains a minimum number of moving parts, offering a reliable, trouble-free flow rate indicator to monitor a wide range of liquids and gases.

Note: Inlet and outlet pipe supports are recommended to prevent breakage.

No flow straighteners or special piping: The Hedland design does not require special plumbing or accessories to stabilize turbulent flow. Flow meters can be installed immediately adjacent to 90-degree elbows or other components providing system design flexibility.

Filtration: Although Hedland flow meters are more contamination tolerant than most fluid system components, 200 mesh (74 micron) or better filtration is required to assure reliable performance.

Standard flow scales: Standard flow scales are calibrated in gallons per minute (gpm) and liters per minute (lpm) at 0.876 specific gravity for petroleum-based fluids, 1.0 specific gravity for water and water-based emulsions.

Special flow scales: Special scales are available in any measurement unit and/or specific gravity.

Viscosity Effect (SUS/cSt): Hedland's design utilizes a precisionmolded, sharp-edged orifice and biasing calibration spring that ensures operating stability and accuracy over the wide viscosity range common to many fluids. Generally, high flow models provide good accuracy over a viscosity range of 40 to 500 SUS (4.2 to 108 cSt).

Density Effect (specific gravity): Any fluid density change from stated standards has a square-root effect on meter accuracy. Special scales can be supplied if actual specific gravity decreases accuracy beyond application limits.

Pressure Drop Information - 1/2 inch and 1 inch Ports
Pressure Drop Chart
Pressure Drop Information - 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch Ports
EZ-View Pressure Drop Data

Fluid Selection Chart
R - Recommended N - Not Recommended C - Consult Factory
EZ-View - Fluid Selection Chart
EZ-View - Fluid Selection Chart
EZ-View - Fluid Selection Chart

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